What is JKCOIN?

JKCOIN is classified as utility tokens.

Its primary function is the role of a loyalty point in the OpenArt Studio IT company.
As part of the TokenBack program, when you purchase my services, you receive JKCOIN points,
which you can exchange for prizes or sell because JKCOIN is also a virtual currency.

What can you do with JKCOIN tokens?

JKCOIN are virtual currency, so you can exchange them for any token listed on the stock Kanga Exchange or QuickSwap like Bitcoin.
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Receive a 20% discount in my company OpenArt Studio by exchanging JKCOIN loyalty points for a website development service or maintenance service.
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JKCOIN loyalty tokens can be exchanged for OpenArt Studio Vouchers available on OpenSea. You can use them yourself or give them as a gift!
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What is the value of JKCOIN?

JKCOIN in the TokenBack program is priced at 0,10 PLN about 0,02 USD

The value of the JKCOIN token is covered by work and the services that can be obtained for it.

As JKCOIN is also a virtual currency, it is listed on the stock exchange:
DEX - QuickSwap

Its rate changes in real time, therefore the value of JKCOIN on the open market will not always be exactly 0,02 USD.
This creates an opportunity for both buyers and sellers.

The current rate and the JKCOIN quotation chart are available here.
The data comes from


TokenBack loyalty program!

Shop at OpenArt Studio
10% will come back to you as JKCOIN tokens
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 Jacek Kolodziejczak
Jacek Kolodziejczak
IT specialist, individual investor


About me?

I am a freelancer: web designer with 20 years of experience. I have been running my own company OpenArt Studio for over a decade.

For several years, I have also been a stock market investor. I am constantly expanding my knowledge in this topic and gaining experience. I invest in ETFs and stocks worldwide.

Since 2014, I have been interested in blockchain technology and virtual currencies. I have a lot of experience in this topic, which you can read about on my blog. Therefore, in 2018 I decided to create my token called JKCOIN.

How does the JKCOIN token economy work?

You can get JKCOIN tokens as part of the TokenBack during purchases and thanks to recommending the services of my IT company OpenArt Studio.
You can exchange the received JKCOINs for prizes: OpenArt Studio vouchers and IT services. Check out the full offer in here.
You can also buy or sell JKCOIN to others. Buy and sell offers on the stock exchange are available here.
JKCOIN is also used in various marketing and promotional campaigns to engage the community. You can pick up a welcome gift here.


JKCOIN Loyalty Point NFT

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