JKCOIN deposits and withdrawals on Kanga Exchange are now available on the Polygon network!

On October 28, 2022, deposits of pJKCOIN tokens in the polygon network were opened on the Kanga Exchange. Withdrawals opened a day later, on October 29, 2022.

It is worth mentioning that Kanga Exchange was the first exchange in the world to provide multi-blockchain solutions for personal tokens!

From the technical side, the multi-blockchain for the JKCOIN token on the Kanga exchange is that we can deposit and withdraw both JKCOIN (ERC20) tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and pJKCOIN tokens on the Polygon blockchain on our wallet. When depositing or withdrawing from your wallet, simply select the appropriate network type (Blockchain): Ethereum or Polygon.

Both of them represent one token which is JKCOIN. On the balance in the portfolio they are under the general name JKCOIN and are listed on one market JKCOIN-oPLN.

The commission for the withdrawal charged by the Kanga exchange is 0.1 MATIC, i.e. the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon blockchain. Therefore, you should have a small amount of MATIC on the wallet to cover the fee for external transfer of JKCOIN tokens on this network.