On the occasion of the three years of the JKCOIN project, I have prepared birthday gifts!

A birthday lottery with JKCOIN tokens is waiting for you in the Sapiency.io mobile application.

Be sure to install this application if you do not have it yet, because this is where new promotions and airdrops will appear from time to time. It is also worth mentioning that today Sapiency.io is launching the Crowdsale of my tokens. I encourage you to check it out!

Below is a list of what has been achieved over the last year:
1. New cart panel to claim rewards.
2. Integrating the KangaPAY payment industry in the store.
3. The option of a quick SWAP exchange where JKCOINs can be exchanged for any token on Kanga Exchange, including PLN.
4. New customer panel in the TokenBack loyalty program.
5. Simplifying the purchase of JKCOIN tokens.
6. Option to withdraw JKCOIN tokens as cash from an ATM.
7. Giving out tokens in promotional campaigns and giveaway.
8. Further advertisement of the project on the Internet (website, social media) and increase in the recognition of the JKCOIN brand.
9. The JKCOIN group was created on the Telegram messenger: t.me/jkcoin_pl
10. Sapiency.io appearing in the mobile application for personal tokens
11. Launching a Crowdsale in the Sapiency.io application for project development.