The JKCOIN token is now also available on the Polygon network, which brings many benefits!

The most important of them are:
  • much lower costs of transferring tokens between wallets,
  • access to many wallets and applications based on the Polygon network,
  • lower costs when using smart contracts,
  • cheaper access to the NFT market.

Technical data:
  • Token symbol: pJKCOIN - prefix "p" like Polygon
  • Name: Jacek Kolodziejczak Polygon Token
  • Number of places after the decimal point: 4
  • Total Supply: 21 million including JKCOIN type ERC20

Official address of the contract on polygonscan:

The general rule is that the total number of tokens is limited, i.e. 21 million JKCOIN. The first half of this number are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network, or "JKCOIN", and the other half are tokens on the Polygon network, or "pJKCOIN". The proportions may change over time in favor of either party. In addition, the total number of tokens is systematically decreasing because they are burned when they are used in the TokenBack loyalty program.