On the occasion that the JKCOIN project has already existed for a year, I have prepared birthday gifts in the form of free JKCOIN tokens.


Link to Giveaway with free tokens below:

After clicking on the link, log in to the Personal Tokens platform, preferably by selecting the login via Facebook option.

If you do not have an account there, it is worth creating yourself because I will be doing more Giveaways in the future.


What has been achieved in the last year?

- creating a JKCOIN token as a loyalty point in OpenArt Studio,
- advertising the project on the Internet (website, social media) and increasing the recognition of the JKCOIN brand,
- introduction of JKCOIN on stock exchanges, including Kanga Exchange,
- over time, the entire ecosystem began to function and several dozen customers used it,
- increasing awareness of new technologies and solutions among customers,
- distribution of tokens in promotional campaigns.