If you add liquidity for the JKCOIN token from USDC on QuickSwap, you will receive an unique JKCOIN NFT reward.

Do you have JKCOIN tokens and would like to participate in the decentralized market to receive the unique NFT award at the same time?

You can do this by adding liquidity to this pair USDC/pJKCOIN on quickswap.exchange.

Minimum liquidity is 100 JKCOIN kept for at least one week.

>> Link to add liquidity here <<

The NFT you will receive as a reward can be found here:

I will send you NTF when you send me information showing you added minimum 100 JKCOIN liquidity to USDC/pJKCOIN on Quicswap and kept it for at least one week. After that please contact me:

Helpful JKCOIN technical data on the Polygon network:

Get this NFT when you add liquidity: